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Scrutinize’s New Digital Platform Allows Peer-to-Peer Transactions of Digital Securities

With greater access to technology and digital applications, the public has become more interested in digital securities as a means of investment or business. According to Alec Beckman, president and co-founder of Advantage Blockchain, a digital security “is a transferable, electronic asset that represents equity ownership interest of a real asset, typically built using a blockchain.”

He adds, it is “a tokenized representation of a security, which represents ownership interest or equity in a real asset.” And that probably explains why, in today’s increasingly digital society, even ownership in assets is going digital.   

That’s why Securitize has launched Instant Access, a new tool that allows investors to privately create an indication of interest to sell their digital securities with a simple web link.  It lets investors to Transfer their digital securities directly in a secure and compliant way without counterparty risk. 

New digital Platform Allows Peer-to-Peer Transactions of Digital Securities 

000000According to Securitize, this is the first-to-market platform feature that allows issuers of digital securities to offer their investors a quick and easy way to access compliant peer-to-peer transactions.

With Instant Access allows investors to privately create an indication of interest to sell their digital securities with a simple web link. That link can then be posted and shared with anyone, anytime, on any platform they prefer, including via email or text message or posted anywhere.

How does ‘Instant Access’ Work?

According to Carlos Domingo, co-founder and CEO of Scrutinize, “With our new Instant Access feature, issuers can use Securitize’s market-proven technology to fulfill one of the core promises of digital securities — simple, compliant, and efficient transferability on a global scale.”

He added, “With Instant Access, Securitize is adding another powerful feature that will help propel the digital securities industry forward.”

The Instant Access feature is an entirely digital process that doesn’t require any of the manual interventions that are typical with traditional private securities transactions.

Once an issuer decides to enable the Instant Access feature, any potential buyer who has KYC/AML approval from, and is registered with the issuer, can purchase the digital security from the holder if the holder has shared the transaction link with them.

Only transactions that meet these KYC/AML requirements and adhere to any applicable transfer restrictions imposed by the issuer via the DS Protocol will be permitted.

Security above all

“As an innovator, investor and issuer in the blockchain and digital securities space, we have always strived to offer our investors the most possible liquidity options that leverage the unique aspect of the tech,” said Brad Stephens, Co-founder & Managing Partner at Blockchain Capital.

Instant Access is powered by AirSwap, a peer-to-peer trading network for Ethereum tokens. In the past few months, the teams have worked together to improve the experience of safely trading digital securities. 

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