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Resize Multiple Images in Windows Without Extra Software


You’re in a with a few pictures that you’ll require to resize. You simply possess a time and also you don’t have authorization to set up any applications on the PC you’re applying. Which means you can’t resize the pictures utilizing online resizing resources you’ve no web connection possibly. Don’t fear. Windows includes an easy and fairly quick method to resize numerous pictures without application that is additional. That you don’t have to obtain something to resize pictures in amounts. All that’s necessary to possess is the Windows Computer on Windows-7 or even more current variations operating. You will be guided by this guide through the actions without installing any unique application you have to resize numerous pictures in Windows.

Resize Multiple Images in Windows Using Outlook

Most Windows computers have pre-installed Microsoft Office programs which include Microsoft Outlook. If your computer has Microsoft Outlook or any email program installed on the unit, then you are in for a smooth ride. Follow the steps below to resize multiple images in Windows using your email program:

1.Go to the folder containing the pictures that you want to resize.


2.Select the target images.


3.Right-click on one of the chosen images.


4.Bring the mouse pointer to the Send To option.


5.Click on the Mail Recipient sub-option.


6.An Attach Files pop-up menu will be displayed.


7.Choose from the list of resizing options. You can change the size of the images to 640 X 480, 800 X 600, 1024 X 768, 1280 X 1024, or you can opt not to resize and stick to the original image size.


8.After you have made your selection, click on the Attach button.


9.Windows will now resize your images to the selected dimensions. Wait for the process to complete.


10.A new mail message will open with the resized images on the attachment.


11.Select and right-click on the attached images.


12.Click on the option to Copy. You can also simply press CTRL+C to copy the selected photos.


13.Go to the location where you want to save the resized images. Right-click on any space, and click on the Paste option. Alternatively, you can use the shortcut CTRL+V to paste the copied images.


14.You are done. You can now check the copied pictures to see that they are the size you selected.



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