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iPhone and Android: Automatically Add a Task to a To-Do List Using Email

featureFor work, company, or alternative private actions -do list program can assist you to arrange jobs that are significant. The typical manner of carrying through a to-do list will be to input a job and save it. This really is useful since most people receive notifications regarding deadlines or meetings through email messages. The topic of an email message could be utilized as the job name. In case you believe this approach to producing a to-do list could assist you to be more productive, then make use of the measures in this tutorial to begin.

How to Add a Task to a To-Do List Automatically Using Email

To start automating your daily task list, use the following steps:

1.Download Todoist from Android’s Playstore or Apple’s App Store. Todoist is a free task management app that helps you organize your daily tasks. Though premium features are alsoavailable for a fee, this tutorial only needs a basic account to work.










2.Download IF by IFTTT from Android’s Playstore or Apple’s App Store. IF is a free task automation app that connects popular Android and iOS applications to help you with your daily and regularly scheduled tasks.










3 On your iPhone or Android device, open IF by IFTTT.










4 From the IF main screen, tap on the recipe icon on the upper-right part of the screen.










5 From the recipe list, tap on the Add a New Recipe (Plus) icon on the upper-right part of the screen.










6 From the list of suggested services, tap on the Create Recipe button at the lower-most portion of the screen.










7 Tap on the trigger button (white plus on a blue box icon) to add a triggering action. In this case, we will use a Gmail account as the triggering action.










8 A list of triggers will be shown. You can scroll down and search for Gmail or use the searchfunction. Tap on the Gmail icon to choose Gmail. You need to have a Google account to do this.










9 The list of Gmail triggers will be displayed. Tap on a trigger. For this tutorial, we will choose the New email in inbox from trigger.











10 Indicate the email address of the sender that you wish to trigger. All new email messages from this chosen email address will trigger an action based on the next steps.











11 Tap on the Next button on the upper-right hand portion of the screen to proceed.










12 Choose an action by tapping on the action button (white plus on a red box).











13 From the list of actions, scroll down and search for Todoist, or use the search button. Tap onTodoist to proceed.










14 From Todoist’s page, tap on Create task.










15 Choose the specifics of the task. Which project you want the task to be added? What is the default task content, notes and due date?










16 Tap on the Next button to proceed.










17 The new recipe will be shown. Read and understand what the recipes does then tap on Finish










18 You are done. The newly created recipe will be displayed on the recipe list.










Once an email message from the pre-identified email address (Step 10) arrives on your own connected Gmail account, IF will automatically link to Todoist and add the email message’s subject as the job’s name.

The procedure outlined above will allow you to add a job to a to-do list using e-mail. Let’s know in the comments section when you have questions of the measures above.













































































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