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How you can – Reset Network Settings on iPhone

featureIf you should be experiencing difficulties with your iPhone’s Wifi and cellular link (e.g., inconsistent contacts, continuous lack of indicators, Wifi connection problems), the clear answer you’ll need might be fairly simple. Try resetting the community options in your iPhone before you consider your telephone to a certified service-center for repairs. This guide describes how in several simple ways.

How to Reset Network Settings on iPhone

To wipe all network settings on your phone and reset the settings back to default, follow these procedures:

1 Go to your iPhone’s Home screen. Tap on the Home button once wherever you are on your phone.










2 From the Home screen, tap on the gear icon to access Settings.









3 In Settings, go to General, and tap on the option.










4 In General, scroll down to the last option, and tap on Reset










5 Tap on Reset Network Settings










6 Enter your Passcode.











8 You’re done. The network settings of your phone will probably be wiped.

— Wifi connections and passwords will soon be erased.
— Any manual set up on the mobile information will be erased. Your mobile information settings will be automatically set by most providers.
Let’s know in the comments section when you have questions of the measures above.


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