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How to Set Up a Camera to Monitor Your Home When You’re Away

closeup of cctv camera background is a running computer
closeup of cctv camera background is a running computer










Whether you will be away from home while travelling or simply during the workday, you might want to keep a watch on it. Options like. Try and make this simple, but there is more than one way to get this done.

We are not focused on complete security systems with other attributes and alarms here — only cameras in order to keep a watch in your location with video recordings and live streaming.

Plug-and-Play Streaming Cameras

Many manufacturing companies are working to make this even simpler, offering plug-and-play options linked to smartphone programs and web services. These do not demand you connect the camera to any other apparatus or a computer — you only want an Internet connection and the camera.

Dropcam which initiated this was really bought by nest. Plug it in, link it to an account, after which you can get it from a smartphone or the internet in addition to setting up automatic record. Keeping those records will cost you at least $10 a month, though.










IP Cameras

The aforementioned apparatus are suitable and simple to create, but you might not need to save records on the remote servers of a service when you can keep them on your own.

In the event you would like to do this yourself, you are seeking an “IP camera.”

In the event you would like to remotely get the flow on the Internet or simply possess the camera save a record to a different device at home, you will still need to do a little bit of legwork yourself.
Some IP cameras have built in slots so that real media can be recorded to by them — they may have built in servers in order to get the recording remotely.

If you are making your personal server, set it up and you will must decide some yourself. It’s possible for you to hook up multiple cameras to get a complete view of your location, and IP cameras are not generally more expensive than plug-and-play options such as the Nest Cam. Yet, there is an excellent chance you will need to cover a license fee to use whatever applications you decide on.

Picture of Wireless IP camera on white camera
Picture of Wireless IP camera on white camera













Turn an Old Phone Into a Security Camera

For those who really have an old Android telephone lying around, it can possibly turn into a network security camera. After all, it’s a camera, Wifi, and a built in computer — everything it must record video, and get, stream. We have previously covered the best way to turn into a network security camera on old Android telephone. It may be worth a chance for those who are in possession of an extra telephone you are not setting to use.

Be sure to do your research when purchasing cameras and software. If you’re getting a plug-and-play camera, understand whether you’ll have to pay a monthly fee. If you’re getting an IP camera or webcam, check whether it offers the features you want — not all cameras offer night vision or HD recording, for example































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