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How to Protect Cells in Google Sheets


Yahoo Linens lets you shield linens or tissues to ensure consumers that are specific can’t change them. This can be an excellent device if you’ve got a spreadsheet which is utilized by a lot of people to utilize, and you need to stop them from typing or inadvertently removing over info that is precious or complex formulations. Utilize the steps in this guide to shield tissues in Yahoo Linens.Safety in Yahoo Linens operates differently from Shine. Yahoo Linens operates through authorizations, meaning you could fix options that are special to ensure others with authorization and you may continue to change protected tissues. Switching on safety in Shine stops every one, including you, from modifying varieties that are safe. Shine has choices allowing customers to still execute some activities actually when the safety environment is on.

1.Open up a Google Sheet, and then go to Data>Protected sheets and ranges.


2  A side bar will be on the correct side of your display. It is possible to toggle between shielding entire/part linens or solitary runs. To shield an Array (solitary cell or group of adjoining tissues), make sure Array is chosen. Click the grid to the right of the array title to choose the array, or then sort in your array title you need out of your spreadsheet. It is possible to optionally enter a title with this array that is safe therefore it is simpler to discover if you need to return and change it afterwards.


3 Click the Page choice if you wish to shield most of a page or the entire page. Select the page you need to shield in the dropdown menu. Examine the Except specific tissues package, and then enter the cell or array of cells you don’t need to shield, if you wish to make some cells editable. The icon can be clicked by you in the right of the box to choose the array in your spreadsheet. Click Include yet another array and duplicate as often as you’d like, if you wish to abandon greater than one unguarded.


4For Linens and Amounts, click the Set permissions button in the bottom of the cell if you are done inputting your info. It is possible to select to let safe tissues to be edited by only yourself, or it is possible to allow specific users to modify tissues that are safe while forbidding the others.


5 Now when a user without permission tries to edit a protected cell, they will get this message. 


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