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How to Play the Secret Basketball Game in Facebook Messenger


Besides the message, talking, and video-calling capabilities, a great deal concealed characteristics is packed by Facebook Messenger. In a prior guide, I described just how to perform a game that was key . Messenger offers a baseball game if chess isn’t your game. This guide may educate you on just how to perform the basketball-game that is key .

The overall game begins having a basketball along with a baseball ring in your Messenger display. Generate factors and to shoot-through the ring, you have to swipe at the basketball within the path that is hoop’s. After achieving a-10-stage limit, the overall game becomes progressively challenging with your display is moved across by the baseball ring. The ring moves quicker while you have more factors. Are you able to defeat your individual high-scores that are friends’?

Play the Secret Basketball Game in Facebook Messenger

To start playing Facebook Messenger’s secret basketball game, follow these steps:

1.Whether you are on an iPhone or Android, go to the Home screen.


2.From the Home screen, open the Facebook Messenger app.


3.Open a chat session with a friend.


4.In the chat screen, tap on the Emoticon button on the keyboard.


5.From the list of emoticons, search for the basketball emoticon. Tap on it.


6.When the basketball icon appears on the message screen, tap on the Send button.


7.After the message is delivered, tap on the basketball icon.


8.You will be taken to the hidden basketball game screen, and you can then start playing. To shoot the ball, do a swiping gesture from the ball to the hoop as if you are physically throwing the basketball to the it.


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