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How to convert column in rows

How to Convert a Column to a Row in Excel

Sometimes we’ve entered data in a column in Excel, only to realize later that it would be better to have this data in a row, or vise-versa.  Here’s a simple trick to convert any row or set of rows into a column, or vise-versa, in Excel.In case of Bulk data you want to convert in rows from column you don’t need to reenter data in rows and don’t need to waste your time.

Please Note: This is tested in Excel 2003, 2007, and 2010.  Here we took screenshots from Excel 2010 x64, but it works the same on the other versions.

Convert a Row to a Column

Here’s Sample data in Excel:

How to convert column in rows

If you want to change these two data columns into rows.  Select all the cells you wish to convert, right-click, and select copy (or simply press Ctrl+C):

Microsoft excel

Now, you should do right-click in the cell where you want to put the data in rows, and select “Paste Special Option from that drop down manue.”

Convert column in rows

Now a Pop up Window will be open.Check the box at the bottom that says “Transpose”, and then click OK.

Microsoft excel 2007

Now your Sample data will be converted in rows from columns! 

Microsoft excel 2003

This works the exact same for converting rows into columns.  Here’s some data in rows:


After copying and pasting special with Transpose selected, here’s the data in columns! This way you can save your time.

Microsoft excel

This is a great way to get your data organized just like you want in Excel.

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