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How to Control Your Mouse Scroll Speed in Windows 10












Perhaps you have gotten frustrated while making use of your mouse wheel to scroll through long documents or gotten an angry pointer finger from scrolling via Tumblr feed or an endless Facebook? I will allow you to change your mouse settings in your Windows 10 computer to improve your mouse scroll speed to help you save time plus finger fatigue, although I cannot help to your social networking habit. Here’s how:

1 Go to Start>Settings.










2 Choose Devices from the settings list.
















3 Select touchpad Mouse & from the left panel. There are two mouse settings settings. The foremost is under Roll the mouse wheel to scroll the dropdown box. Use this choice to select between scrolling Multiple Lines at a time or One Display at a time. You’ll have the ability to make use of the slider underneath to select how many lines which are moved up/down with each notch of the wheel in the event your choice is the first.
















4 A common mouse feature is to have a horizontal scroll (pushing the wheel side to side) in addition to the normal vertical scroll (spinning the wheel up/down). You can set the horizontal scroll to a different speed than your normal scroll. Access this setting by scrolling down to the bottom and clicking Additional mouse settings.













5 Select the Wheel tab from the top of the window that appears. The top box (Vertical Scrolling) was already set in Step 3, but you can tweak it here as well. Set your Horizontal scrollingsetting in the second box, the click OK. Common uses for the horizontal scroll is to use it for fine tuned scrolling (one line at a time) or to scroll through a large number of lines at a time.















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