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How to Change Themes on a Galaxy S7


Despite the fact that the standard search of the Universe S7 is clear, several customers might want to alter the software to time from time to interrupt the boredom. Luckily, the telephone has a concept shop saturated in quality themes prepared to obtain. Learn to alter styles on the Universe S7 within this guide.

Downloading new themes:

1. Start the app cabinet, after which start the Concept Shop application, which includes a large number of free styles for the Samsung system


2.Inside the store, you will see three tabs with self-explanatory names: categories, featured and all. You can use the featured and categories tabs to find the themes that you like.

3.Tapping on a theme thumbnail will redirect you to a detailed view of that theme where you can download and install it on to your phone.


4.Once the installation completes, you can change the theme right away by tapping the apply button.


5.Every time you apply a new theme, you will see a warning window telling you that some apps may be closed. In most cases, the system is referring to default apps that come with the phone. Make sure that you save everything in those apps, and hit Apply again.


Managing themes:

1 Open the app drawer, and then launch the Settings app.


2.Scroll down to the fifth section, and select Themes.


3.You will see all installed themes at the top of the screen. To switch to another theme, select it, and hit Apply. To remove themes, tap the Delete button at the top right of the screen, select the desired themes, and tap Delete again.


4.Themes usually take several seconds to delete because they contains a lot of pictures. If you uninstall several themes at once, it may take up to 1 or 2 minutes to complete the process.


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