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How to Block Ads on Chrome


Ads on the daily schedule assault us. We have them within the email, observe them covered on vehicles and advertisements, plus they clamor for the interest all around the web. Luckily, there’s application accessible named Adblock Plus that’ll eliminate ads from stop pop-up and your display advertisements. This makes searching the web an infinitely more experience that is enjoyable. Observe that movie advertisements can not affect .

Plus turns up being a hidden image close to the handle bar. It’ll appear somewhat different based on which visitor you’re currently utilizing, however it functions exactly the same method. Periodically, a pop-up will be blocked by Adblock Plus that’s no ad. You can include one time conditions towards the blocker, or you are able to disable Plus on sites that are particular.

Block Adds with Adblock Plus

1Go to and download Adblock Plus for your web browser. Adblock Plus is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Android, Opera, Internet Explorer, Edge, Yandex, and Maxthon. You can also get the Adblock Browser for your smartphone on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

2.Below is a screenshot of Adblock Plus running on Google Chrome. There is a number overlaying the icon with the number of of ads being blocked on the current page.


3.If you want to disable the add-on for the page you are on, click the check mark Enabled on this site to toggle it off. You might need to refresh the page to have your changes take effect.

4.If Adblock Plus missed something that you want removed from your screen, click Block Element. Then click on the item on your screen you want filtered out. You will be shown a screen with the address of the element you are adding to your block list. You can make it more general so that similar elements are filtered out in the future. For example, here is a feature image from an article on our site:


The text in the “Add filter(s)?” box states the following:


To block all feature images on the site, not just the iPhone article, I would replace the last part of the address with a wildcard (*) like this:


5.Once you realize that Tech-Recipes’ feature images add important information to the article and you want them back, click on the ABP icon and go to Options. Click on the filter you want to remove, and press the – Remove Selected button to the right. Refresh the page you were on, and the blocked element will be shown again.




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