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How To Add Photos and Checklists in Notes App on iOS?


Since iOS 9, the Notes application has been improved with loads of new elements, for example, the capacity to change content style and include agendas and media records. Figure out how to utilize all of them in this instructional exercise.

At the season of this written work, iOS 9 is accessible for engineers. On the off chance that you are an iOS engineers, you can download the most recent beta from the designer part focus and afterward update your gadget utilizing iTunes. The general population arrival of iOS 9 will be accessible in September 2015.

1) Open the Notes app on your iPhone’s home screen.

ios update

2) In this tutorial, we will add a checklist and a photo to a new note. If you have an existing note that you want to edit, you may select it instead. Tap the create new note button at the bottom right of the screen.

ios developer

3) Fill in the content of the note, and then tap the plus button above the keyboard to see the advanced features.

ios developer program

4) From the slide-out panel, you will see three options: checklist, text format, and photo. Select the camera icon to attach a picture.

ios 4

5) When you tap the icon, you will be presented two options: add a photo from your camera roll or add a photo or video directly from your camera.

ios download

6) The photo you added will be re-sized so that it fits nicely on-screen.

IOS 6 Operating system

7) To add a checklist, all you have to do is tap the checklist icon and then fill in the content. When you tap Return on your keyboard, the app will automatically insert the next check box for you. To exit checklist mode, tap the gray cross button at the end of the slide-out panel.



In the slide-out panel, you can change the format of the text by tapping the Aa button. However, before you change anything, the desired text must be selected.


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