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How to Add Multiple Photos to One Instagram Post


Formerly, Instagram permitted by utilizing numerous predetermined designs one to mix multiple pictures into one picture. This method’s drawback was the pictures that are mixed were difficult and downscaled to observe in a block that is little. Fortunately, it’s today feasible without mixing them right into a simple format to publish numerous pictures. Each picture gets its watch, by swiping about the article and customers can easily see all of them. This is to make use of this function in Instagram.

As this publishing, this function has been rolled-out global to all customers of. Ensure that you usually make use of the newest Instagram edition in your telephone to obtain the most recent functions.

The actions within this guide work with both Instagram and the iOS apps.

1.Open the official Instagram app on your phone.


2.Tap the plus icon at the bottom of the screen to select photos from your gallery.


3.In the Gallery tab, select the multiple photos icon at the bottom-right of the big preview window to turn on the mode. Once you tap on the icon, the preview grid will display small circles on top of each photo which indicates that they can be selected at the same time.


4.Tap on the photo you want to include in the post. Each time you select a photo, the corresponding circle will turn blue. You can include up to 10 photos in one post.


5.For each photo, you can still reposition the square frame like any other single post.

6.When you are done selecting the photos, tap Next to advance to the filter screen.


7.By default in this mode, selecting one filter at the bottom of the screen will apply that filter to the whole set of photos. If you want to apply a different filter to each photo, tap on each one to apply the filter manually. If you choose to edit an individual photo, tap Done to go back to the whole set.

8.Tap Next to go to the final screen where you can add a caption to the post as well as details such as location and the names of the people in the pictures.

9.Finally, tap Share to publish the post to Instagram.


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