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How to Add Contacts of Friends Circle on My Apple Watch?

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Other than the Digital Crown, Apple Watch has another catch situated as an afterthought of the watch that empowers you to speak rapidly with your companions. When you squeeze this catch, you will see a rundown of companions that you contact most, and afterward you will have the capacity to make a telephone call or make an impression on any of those contacts right from your wrist. Selecting contacts that you need to show up in that screen should be possible utilizing the Apple Watch application on your iPhone. Here is the way to do it.

1) Open the Apple Watch app from your phone’s home screen.

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2) Scroll to the fifth section, and select the Friends option.

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3) Naturally, the majority of the lines in the Friends segment will be named as Add Friend.
Every line speaks to a position in the Friends circle. The position of the contact in the circle is the same as the position of the speck in the circle toward the start of every line. Select a position that you need, and tap Add Friend.

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4) The contact list appears on-screen.
All you have to do is tap on a contact to select it. You can add up to 12 friends to the circle.

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5) You can always remove or rearrange contacts in the circle by tapping on the Edit button.

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6) The chose contacts will be matched up to the Apple Watch instantly.
You can get to them by squeezing the side catch underneath the Digital Crown. Since the screen size of the watch is constrained, the greater part of your contacts’ names will be recorded utilizing just the first letter. For instance, Le Hoang will be recorded as LH. In the event that the contact incorporates a photo, it will be indicated inside the circle.

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7) When you select a contact in the Friends circle, you will be offered alternatives to either call the contact or make an impression on him/her. On the off chance that the contact likewise claims an Apple Watch, you will see a third choice giving you a chance to send an “Advanced Touch” (representation) to your companion.

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Some More Features
Apple Watch price ranges from $349 (£299, AU$499) for the entry-level Sport model to $17,000 (£13,500, AU$24,000) for the top-tier 18-karat gold editions.

Release date
Apple Watch launched last month on its official April 24 release date, though it was delivered in the mail. Pre-orders began two weeks prior on April 10

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