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How to Add Contacts from Gmail, Outlook, and More to Windows 10’s Address Book

fMany of us juggle multiple email accounts between our professional and personal lives. Instead of managing multiple separate address books, you can use Windows 10’s People app to bring together all your contacts into a single, centralized interface.

People App at a Glance

The Folks application is just a center for the connections. It’s a reliable contact administrator that may shop a broad selection of details about each individual, including mail address brand, street address, subject, telephone number, plus much more. Just like the Diary and Email applications, the Folks application just works together with online records. You can’t make use of this application mange and to produce connections which are saved locally inside your Computer.















The primary perspective in the People program provides you with a consolidated listing of all contacts in an alphabetized navigation pane on the left. To the right, you will see the details for a chosen contact. In the event the Individuals program has individuals recorded in it the initial time you start it, then you have probably entered your account details in another Microsoft app.

How to Import Contacts From Gmail, Outlook and Other Accounts

If you already have contacts in an online account, like Gmail, Outlook, or iCloud, you can add all those contacts to Windows’ People app in one fell swoop. To add an account, click the ellipses at the top right of the search field and choose “Settings”.















Any currently linked accounts will appear here. Click “Add an account” to display the “Choose an account” screen.

















Choose one of the online account kinds and follow the onscreen directions to sign in with your certificate. The People program will then sync contacts with your on-line accounts. It’s going to get automatically synced with your other apparatus should you change a contact’s info on one device. It is vital that you recognize that you are really linking those services to all of Windows’ built in programs.

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How to Add a New Contact from the People App

To add a new contact, select the “+” button above the contacts list.
















A new blank contact pane will open. If you have multiple accounts configured, then you’ll be prompted to choose which account you want that contact stored with. But if you have configured only one account, the new contact will, of course, be added to that account.
















The New Contact screen supplies an abundance of subjects for you. Fill the fields. To alter the label for a number (“cellular”, “house”, “work”, etc), click the drop-down menu next to the present label. Select “Add Picture” to use an image from your Photographs program. The initials for the contact will appear, should you not add an image


















Select “Other” to add additional information fields to your contact. Several fields are available, including company, family, birthday, anniversary, and note fields. Click “Save” to add the contact to the People app


















To make changes to an existing card, select the contact and click the “Pencil” icon. Alternatively, right-click the contact in the contacts list and choose “Edit” from the pop-up menu. You’ll be given all the same options listed above.


















Share a Contact

Sharing contact cards is a fast and simple means to share someone’s advice using a close friend or family member all at once (“Hey, what is Granny’s phone number as well as email address?”). To accomplish this, show the contact, and choose “More “>> Share a contact”. You will be requested to support this activity (choose the checkmark) and then the Share pane will show up on the correct part of the display.















If you choose to share via Mail, a New Mail pane will appear so you can email the contact information (in a friendly VCF format that can be imported to many other address book apps).



















The People app is great for consolidating all your contact lists, but the big payoff comes when you sign into another Windows 10 device–you’ll notice that your address book is already filled in with your all your contacts and accounts.


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