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How to Add a Pinterest Logo On your Facebook Fan Page

There’s a new, better-looking, and easier-than-ever way to add your Pinterest boards to your Facebook Fan Page: a free Pinterest Tab App from Woobox. Looks better because there’s no side-to-side scrolling within the iFrame to see all the Pinterest boards. Easier too, because you don’t have to guess at the pixel height to avoid top-to-bottom scrolling. All done for you in 3 easy steps.


How to Add a Pinterest Tab to your Facebook Fan Page

1. Logged in as your personal profile that’s an Admin of the Facebook Page, click this link: Click on Choose Facebook Pages and select the one you wish to work on.
2. Decide to show all boards from the Pinterest user, or just one board. Enter the username, plus the URL if showing just one board. You can “FanGate” if desired. I wouldn’t use FanGate here, as it’s best used for something enticing like an exclusive download or contest. Pinterest boards are public content.
Note: it appears you can only use this custom app once per Fan Page, so you won’t be able to add multiple, individual Pinterest boards. But if you choose to show all your boards, Fan Page visitors can still navigate to individual boards right in Facebook.
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3. Click Save Settings. View Tab. Done!
Fan Page visitors can click on the Pinterest button in the upper right to visit your boards on Pinterest.
Pinterest widget
My Pinterest boards on my Facebook Fan Page tab. Click to visit on Facebook.
In case of any confusion ask in comments section .

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