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How can I save webpage to the IPhone Reading list

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You can save a webpage to the reading list on iPhone for offline reading. This may come in handy when you find something interesting, but you do not have time to read it or check the website yet. The link for the webpage will be saved, and a copy of it will be stored on your phone. You can access the saved page even without an internet connection. This article explains how to use Safari to save a webpage to the reading list on iPhone and access it later when you have time to read it.

1Go to your iPhone’s Home screen by pressing on the Home button once.

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2From the Home screen, tap on Safari to open your phone’s mobile browser.

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3Once you are in Safari, you can tap on the Reading List icon. Reading List has the open book icon.

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4Enjoy reading your saved webpages.

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What do you think of this feature from iPhone? Some applications are offering the same functions, but Apple has incorporated the feature on their ever-popular browser. If you have something to share, let us know in the comments section.


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