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Adding Numbers Starting From a Specific Page in Word


Numbering websites in a Term doc is just a simple and typical job. Incorporating figures beginning with a particular site could be a tad difficult although incorporating site figures right from the start of the doc just takes a few ticks. You’ll need to undergo many actions if you like to complete the latter (i.e., busting the hyperlink between websites within the doc, dealing with the header or footer, and incorporating the figures). If it seems complex for you, you may stroll through all of the required actions to include site figures for your doc very quickly.

Assume you’ve A – 15-site doc, and also you wish to place the site figures from site 10. This is to complete it:

1.Open the desired Word document.

2.Go to the desired page. In this case, it is page 10, and then left-click at the very top of the page to set the pointer.

3.Go to Layout -> Breaks -> Section Break -> Next Page.




4.Double-click at the very top of the current page to enter the Header and Footer Tools, and then un-check Link to Previous if it is highlighted.


5.While you are still viewing the Header and Footer Tools, go to Page Number -> Format Page Number


6.In the pop-up window, select Start at, and fill in the initial number. If you want to start from 1, fill in 1. Click OK to save the change.


7.Go back to Page number, choose either Top of Page or Bottom of Page, and then select a style.


8.Click Close Header and Footer.


9.Double-check that the numbers are added correctly to the pages. If they are not, you may undo the changes and start over. The key step here is Step 4: disabling Link to Previous. If you see numbers appearing from page 1, you have probably not broken this link.


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