How To Shoot Time-Lapse Videos Using iPhone’s Camera App

Time lapse

Time-slip is a camera mode that was presented with iOS 8. Utilizing time-slip, you can catch an occasion as it gradually develops and view it on quick forward. We have an article on the most proficient method to shoot moderate movement features. Catching time-slip features is the inverse of this. Presently, in only a couple of minutes, you can catch the development of an occupied city’s surge hour, watch the nightfall, or see the advancement of a building under development. The potential outcomes are unfathomable. The best part of this component is that your gadget does the vast majority of the work for you. On the off chance that you are energetic to begin shooting your own particular time-slip feature, read on.

How to Shoot Time-Lapse Videos on iPhone

To start recording amazing time-lapse videos using your Apple device, follow these steps:

1) Update your device to at least iOS 8. If your iPhone is not yet on iOS 8, update your device by going to Home > Settings > General > Software Update.

iPhone- Settings Software

2) Go to the Home screen of your iPhone by pressing on the Home button once.

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3) On the Home screen, locate the Camera app, and tap on the icon to open your phone’s camera.

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4) On the Camera’s main interface, scroll to the list of available shooting modes which are in the lower part of the screen just right above the capture button.

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5) Stop when you get to Time-Lapse mode.

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6) Tap on the record button to start shooting scenes on Time-Lapse. Videos shot on this mode are played on an accelerated version. You can see the whole sunset in under two minutes.

iPhone Camera


7) Tap on the record button again to stop recording. Recorded video will be automatically saved.

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Tips on Shooting the Perfect Time-Lapse Video on Your iPhone

To capture the perfect time-lapse video on your iPhone, consider these tips:

Use a tripod to keep the phone still. A great time-lapse video requires a good support, not just steady hands. If you do not have a tripod, find a support for your phone to keep it from moving.

Maintain a good distance. Shooting at close range is not recommended for time-lapse video. See to it that there is enough space between your phone and the subject.

Make sure that you have good lighting conditions. Since time-lapse videos are shot at long ranges, the phone’s flash may not be strong enough. A good ambient or artificial lighting can help you get better video.

Be conscious of the battery. Shooting a few minutes of video may not be a problem but recording an 8-hour clip will definitely drain the battery. See to it that the phone is charging during long shots.

Do you have any issues with the steps and tips above? Let us know in the comments section so that we can get back to you.

How To Manually Sort the Notification Center Alerts on iPhone?


The Notification Center of the iPhone tells you when you have messages and telephone alarms. Perusing an email warning illuminating you that a class or a meeting for the following day has been drop is vital. Notwithstanding, it can be baffling when you have left your telephone for quite a long time and afterward see that you have a great deal of pending notices. Experiencing all the news, messages, and diversion solicitations can be disappointing. Indeed, you may have such a large number of notices that you miss the ones you truly require. On the off chance that you have this issue, here is the answer for you. You can really rework the request of your warnings so that alarms from favored applications are on top. That way, you will never miss a vital meeting in view of those diversion challenges!

How to Rearrange Notification Alerts on iPhone

To arrange notification alerts on your iPhone manually, follow these procedures:

1) Go to your phone’s Home screen by pressing on the Home button once. The Home button is located on the lower part of your iPhone.


2) From the Home screen, go to Settings. The Settings app has the gear icon.

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3) In Settings, tap on the Notifications option to open up the Notifications page.

iPhone notifications

4) Once you are on the Notifications page, tap on Sort Manually under Notifications View. This will allow you to sort your notifications based on your preferences.

i phone 6 setting

5) Once you are on the Notifications page, tap on Sort Manually under Notifications View. This will allow you to sort your notifications based on your preferences.

i phone 6

6) Start sorting your notifications. Tap and hold on the three-line menu icon on the right side of each app. This will highlight the selected app.

iPhone 6 notifications

7) While you are still holding the three-line menu icon, move your finger up or down to reposition the app.

i Phone Collections

8) Release the three-line menu icon. The application’s notification will be placed in the order you selected in the Notification Center. The first app in the list will have its alerts at the top of the Notifications.

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9) After you have manually arranged your apps, tap on the Done button on the upper-right part of the screen.

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10) You have successfully customized the order of the app notifications on your iPhone!

Do you have any Notifications tip that you want to share with us? We would love to hear it! Are you stuck on any of the steps above? Let us know in the comments section, and we will get back to you.