How to Change Your Twitter Direct Message Settings

This is age the Social Media.Now Peoples want to receive direct messages from their fan’s and users. We are here to guide you how to change Your Twitter Direct Message Settings.

So, if you want to use this new feature provided by Twitter you can change Twitter settings in few seconds.Here are 4 simple steps t change Twitter Direct Message Settings.  

1. Log into Twitter

To start, sign into Twitter with your username and password. If you’re anything like us, Twitter should already be open in the background.So, Now your account ready to apply new setting.


2. Navigate to the settings

social media

To navigate to the settings options, click on your profile picture in the top right and select ‘Settings’.

3. Go to the ‘Security and privacy’ section


The security and privacy section is located on the left-hand side menu.

4. Scroll down to find the Direct Messages setting


The DM setting is located at the bottom, with the heading ‘Direct Messages’.

If you’d like to receive DMs from people you don’t follow then tick the box; if you don’t want the feature, make sure it’s unticked. Remember to save any changes you make.

How to Use Excel with Shortcut keys

Command Keystroke
Absolute/relative/mixed reference F4
AutoSum Alt =
Bold Ctrl-B
Border lines off Ctrl-Shift _
Border lines on Ctrl-Shift &
Calculate active sheet Shift-F9
Calculate all worksheets F9
Close Ctrl-W
Collapse selection to active cell Shift-Backspace
Comment insert/edit Shift-F2
Copy Ctrl-C
Copy formula from cell above Ctrl ‘
Copy value from cell above Ctrl-Shift “
Cut Ctrl-X
Date Ctrl ;
Delete range Ctrl –
Delete to end of line Ctrl-Del
Show values/formulas Ctrl `
Edit cell F2
Enter formula as array Ctrl-Shift-Enter
Fill down Ctrl-D
Fill right Ctrl-R
Find Ctrl-F
Format cell or range  (Format Cells dialog box) Ctrl-1
Format commas (2 decimal places) Ctrl-Shift !
Format currency (2 decimal places) Ctrl-Shift $
Format date (day, month, year) Ctrl-Shift #
Format exponential number (2 decimal places) Ctrl-Shift ^
Format general number Ctrl-Shift ~
Format percentage (0 decimal places) Ctrl-Shift %
Format time (hour and minute) Ctrl-Shift @
Formula =
Function Wizard Shift-F3
GoTo Ctrl-G
Group row/column Alt-Shift-Right
Hard Return in cell Alt-Enter
Hide selected column(s) Ctrl-0 (zero)
Hide selected row(s) Ctrl-9
Insert chart sheet F11
Insert Function components Ctrl-Shift-A
Insert range Ctrl-Shift-Plus
Insert worksheet Shift-F11
Italics Ctrl-I
Menu bar F10
Move between noncontiguous selections Ctrl-Alt-Left/Right
Move left/right one screen Alt-PgUp/PgDn
Move to beginning of worksheet Ctrl-Home
Move to edge of region Ctrl-Dn, Up, Left, Right
Move to end of row End, Enter
Move to end of worksheet Ctrl-End
Move to next corner of selection Ctrl .
Move up through a selection Shift-Enter
Name a range (Insert/Name/Create) Ctrl-Shift-F3
Name a range (Insert/Name/Define) Ctrl-F3
New Ctrl-N
Next window Ctrl-F6
Next worksheet Ctrl-PgUp
Open Ctrl-O
Outline symbols display/hide Ctrl-8
Paste Ctrl-V
Paste named range (Insert/Name/Paste) F3
Previous window Ctrl-Shift-F6
Previous worksheet Ctrl-PgDn
Print Ctrl-P
Repeat Find Shift-F4
Repeat/Redo Ctrl-Y
Replace Ctrl-H
Save Ctrl-S
Save As F12
Scroll to display active cell Ctrl-Backspace
Select array to which active cell belongs Ctrl /
Select cells directly referred to by selected formula Ctrl [
Select cells referred to by selected formula Ctrl-Shift {
Select cells with comments Ctrl-Shift ?
Select column Ctrl-spacebar
Select current region Ctrl-Shift *
Select formulas that directly refer to active cell Ctrl ]
Select formulas that refer to active cell Ctrl-Shift }
Select objects on worksheet Ctrl-Shift-spacebar
Select row Shift-spacebar
Select to beginning of row Shift-Home
Select to beginning of worksheet Ctrl-Shift-Home
Select to edge of region Ctrl-Shift-(Arrow)
Select to end of row End, Shift-Enter
Select to end of worksheet  Ctrl-Shift-End
Select visible cells in selection Alt ;
Select worksheet Ctrl-A
Shortcut menu Shift-F10
Spelling and Grammar check F7
Strikethrough on/off Ctrl-5
Style box Alt ‘
Tab inserted Ctrl-Alt-Tab
Time Ctrl-Shift-Colon
Underline Ctrl-U
Undo Ctrl-Z
Ungroup row/column Alt-Shift-Left
Unhide column(s) Ctrl-Shift )
Unhide row(s) Ctrl-Shift (

How to Start Document Sharing

Complete Procedure with all Essential Steps

  1. Write any article in Ms-word. Select your ANCHOR TEXT.
  2. For example your Anchor text is Fashion”
  3. Select “Fashionright clicks on selected word from mouse.
  4. A drop down menu will be open
  5. Click on option hyperlink
  6. A window will be open gave link in Address bar as given in following image

Document Sharing

  1. After giving the URL click on Ok button. Your “Anchor text” will be shown in link form

EXAMPLE:   I love Fashion   

  1. Format your MS.Word Document from “Page Layout ” Menu
  2. You can also gave link in Footer or Header of the Document.


  1. Then convert your document in PDF from the given link
  2. Gave the path of your word file and click on convert as given below.


12.  Finally your document ready to upload on any document sharing site.

Author: Sohail Ahmed 


How to Add a Pinterest Logo On your Facebook Fan Page

There’s a new, better-looking, and easier-than-ever way to add your Pinterest boards to your Facebook Fan Page: a free Pinterest Tab App from Woobox. Looks better because there’s no side-to-side scrolling within the iFrame to see all the Pinterest boards. Easier too, because you don’t have to guess at the pixel height to avoid top-to-bottom scrolling. All done for you in 3 easy steps.


How to Add a Pinterest Tab to your Facebook Fan Page

1. Logged in as your personal profile that’s an Admin of the Facebook Page, click this link: Click on Choose Facebook Pages and select the one you wish to work on.
2. Decide to show all boards from the Pinterest user, or just one board. Enter the username, plus the URL if showing just one board. You can “FanGate” if desired. I wouldn’t use FanGate here, as it’s best used for something enticing like an exclusive download or contest. Pinterest boards are public content.
Note: it appears you can only use this custom app once per Fan Page, so you won’t be able to add multiple, individual Pinterest boards. But if you choose to show all your boards, Fan Page visitors can still navigate to individual boards right in Facebook.
Social Media
3. Click Save Settings. View Tab. Done!
Fan Page visitors can click on the Pinterest button in the upper right to visit your boards on Pinterest.
Pinterest widget
My Pinterest boards on my Facebook Fan Page tab. Click to visit on Facebook.
In case of any confusion ask in comments section .