How to Show Battery Percentage on Google Pixel


s a matter of course, Google Pixel’s battery level is just appeared through a battery pointer symbol. A full green battery symbol implies that the battery is charged at a range that is near 100%, while a red, practically exhaust symbol implies that your telephone could go out whenever. Minor issues like this one will be one of the downsides you encounter when utilizing a stock Android working framework. Luckily, there is somewhat known approach to demonstrate the exact battery rate on Google Pixel. This instructional exercise demonstrates how you can undoubtedly demonstrate the battery rate on your Google Pixel telephone.

Essential Note: Before continuing with the instructional exercise, you have to empower System UI Tuner on your Google Pixel telephone. Check this full instructional exercise on the best way to empower System UI Tuner on Google Pixel to take in more.

The most effective method to Display Battery Percentage on Google Pixel

To show the battery rate on your Google Pixel gadget, take after these means:

1.Go to Google Pixel’s Home screen. You can press the Home button once to get to the Home screen.


2.From your Home screen, do a swiping motion from the top of the screen to the bottom of it. This will expand your Notification panel.


3.From the Notifications Panel, tap on Settings.


4.Scroll down to the bottom of Settings, and tap System UI Tuner. By default, System UI Tuner is not shown in the Settings. You need to follow the instructions on our tutorial for activating System UI Tuner on Google Pixel.


5.Once you are in the System UI Tuner menu, scroll down, and tap on the Battery option.


6.You will be shown your battery display options. You can choose between these three options: Always show percentage, Show percentage when charging (default), and Don’t show this icon. Since we want to show the battery percentage on Google pixel, tap on Always show percentage.


7.Your battery’s numeric percentage will now be displayed on your device. You are done.


Habitually Asked Questions

Q: I don’t see any System UI Tuner under my Google Pixel’s Settings.

A: You might not have empowered the System UI Tuner on your Google Pixel telephone yet. To empower this mystery choice, take after our instructional exercise on the most proficient method to get to the System UI Tuner on your Google Pixel.

Q: I have taken after the means to empower the System UI Tuner on my Google Pixel telephone, however the menu won’t appear on my Settings.

An: If you have taken after every one of the means, then you ought to have no issues with actuating the concealed menu. In the event that you are utilizing an outsider subject or a tweaked OS, change back to the local OS and attempt once more.

Q: I have effectively empowered show of battery rate on my telephone, however the battery symbol just demonstrates a “+” (in addition to) sign.

A: This is a typical issue when you have empowered battery saver on Google Pixel. At this moment, Google has no upgrade for this, so your lone alternatives are either incapacitating Battery Saver or getting utilized seeing the “+” sign on the battery symbol.

Q: Will this work on other Android gadgets?

A: This is accounted for to chip away at most stock Android gadgets running on Nougat OS. Attempt the means on your gadget, and let us know whether they chip away at your telephone.

We have attempted to make each progression simple and basic for our perusers. Some every now and again made inquiries are likewise replied. In the event that regardless you have any issues identified with the battery rate show on your Google Pixel telephone, leave us a message in the remarks.