How to Review User Posts on a Facebook Page


Automagically, anybody may publish whatever the post’s information, on the Facebook Site. Although this function is very good for customers who wish to create remarks and communicate openly having a Facebook Site, it might additionally result in junk, that are articles marketing inappropriate information or additional companies. Like a Facebook Site proprietor, person articles should be reviewed by you before allowing them to go-live in your site. In so doing, you’re guarding your customers from poor information as well as the general public picture of one’s site.

Notice: This guide is created and works just for Facebook’s pc edition. Facebook’s cellular variations, regrettably, don’t supply control .

Just how to evaluate person articles on the Facebook Site:

How to review user posts on a Facebook Page:

1.Log in to your Facebook account, and go to the Facebook Page that you want to manage. You can navigate to the page by clicking on the page’s name on the right side of the timeline.

2. Once the page is loaded, click the Settings button at the top-right of the page.


3.Under the General section, find the Visitors Posts option, click on it, select Allow Visitors to the Page to Publish Posts, and then select Review posts by other people before they are published to the Page.



4.Click Save Changes to preserve the setting. From this point, all page posts made by other users will need your approval before going public.

5.In order to review visitors’ posts, go to Settings -> Activity Log.


6.Select the Posts by Others option on the left-side panel.


7.On the right side of the screen, you will find all pending posts. In order to approve a post, click the block sign, and select Allowed on Page. If you find several spam posts, select Report/Mark as Spam or Ban From Page to stop the user from posting content to the page.